Possessing skill, passion, and eloquence far beyond her years, and a list of credentials to leave even the most self assured and successful of subjects wide eyed and in awe. Goddess Vivienne is a wonder to behold.

An ethereal ardour surrounds and luxuriates Vivienne far beyond her peers.

With each day, as a spiritual, physical and mental guide, Vivienne elevates herself higher. She listens and takes heed of the needs of her gladiators and slaves. Brave and admirable men, willing, not forced, to defend and protect her against all opposition and dangers.

Vivienne is to be revered. Her soft voice oozes dominance over all things, her creativity within music and art makes her worthy of worship beyond all others. Her piercing Emerald eyes are omniscient, your emotional and physical needs become transparent when before them. Vivienne will use this insight to reward you, or to torture you, dependant on your conduct.

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