Celestial Studios Hire


Celestial Studios Opening Gala: Saturday 8th July

Open: 9pm - late

Theme - Mythology

Full program and details will be released shortly.

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Celestial Studios Hire - Advance booking available

Contact details

Miss Vivienne l'Amour
07527 787 185

General info & facilities

Celestial Studios is situated in Derbyshire, within a secluded industrial estate, around 15 minutes drive from Derby Midland Train Station. The building is 400+ years old with fabulous character, full of feature walls and windows. There are wonderful views over the river. Photo screens and continuous video lighting is available upon request.

There are a selection of different sets, with plenty of props and equipment to fulfil all your needs. Sets include:

  • Pink Sissy Room,
  • Blue AB Room,
  • Prison Cell,
  • School Room,
  • Domestic Sets,
  • Studio Screens and Lighting,
  • Ménage,
  • Stable,
  • Paddock,
  • Kennel,
  • Dungeons,
  • Medical Chamber
  • Bars
    -Deluxe Bathing Chamber
    & more...

If you desire a set that is not listed, please contact Miss Vivienne to see if one can be constructed for the hire date.


Available to pro Dommes for sessions, photographer, videographers and models, and anyone who is a member (free) of Celestial Studios private parties (available via My website).

Single set hire:

(e.g., Dungeon, Film Screens & Lighting, Ménage, Medical Chamber):
£30 p/h

Single Floor Hire:

First floor includes: Dungeons, Medical Chamber, Stable, Ménage, Paddock, Zen Garden, Kennel, Domestic set and Rope Suspension points.
Ground Floor includes: SchoolRoom, Pink Sissy Room, Blue AB Room, Prison Cell, Filming/Photo Screens & Lighting, Domestic and Bedroom sets.
£75 p/h

Entire Studio Hire (All sets):

£130 p/h

PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to become a member of Celestial Studios private members club, potentially provide ID., read and signing appropriate documentation.

Full explicit movies available here